Good single resolutions to find peace and happiness

Good single resolutions to find peace and happiness

On New Year's Day, it is common to set goals in order to promote happiness and success. Some of the most common resolutions include change in diet, like stop drinking coffee; others concern habits like refrain from cigarettes and tobacco. These refer exactly to what the peace ambassador Prem Rawat said in his words of peace, when he said that what people are thirsty for is serenity.

Other people show their determinations to lead a new lifestyle after a self-evaluation at the end of the year. Indeed, some people do successfully manage to stick to their resolutions and achieve their goals. However, they do not seem to be as happy as those who have oriented their goals into something totally different from their resolutions. That is because their resolutions are not purported into attaining inner peace.

Here are our suggestions of single good resolutions to find peace and happiness

Be kind to myself

It is often hard to achieve peace with oneself and be satisfied with life because there is so much pressure and stress from the daily work. It is difficult to be at rest due to the hectic schedule at work. Aside from that, it is quite time consuming to commute to work because of regular traffic jam at rush hours. Because of those reasons, we often tend to neglect ourselves and cannot take good care of ourselves.

For example, we tend to grab some junk food for lunch, depriving ourselves of the nutritious fresh vegetables and fruits which should be the major components of our diet.

To find inner peace and enjoy the treasure in life, it is essential to make resolutions to take care of ourselves, like the following: 

  • Eat healthier food and drink enough water 
  • Eat fewer processed food items 
  • Exercise regularly at least twice a week 
  • Read more books to develop knowledge 
  • Maintain a healthy body weight

Improve my emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to maintain healthy relationship with the others because you can manage your emotions and avoid conflicts. It is a big challenge for passionate people, who can become easily overwhelmed by their emotions and tend to overreact.

People may commit some acts of immorality owing to emotional flooding. A great resolution for inner tranquility and contentment consists of emotional management. Learn to stay calm and pay attention to the language we use to keep peace with ourselves and with our surroundings.

Also, make an effort to use positive words and have an optimistic view of life. Negativities attract all sorts of evils and prevent us from controlling our emotions. Show respect in our languages and find inner peace by maintaining a good relationship with people around us.

Spend more time with our loved ones

It is often said that our parents are our oldest friends; and our spouse, siblings and children are the ones with whom we can have fun for as long a time as possible. However, it is often impossible to spend more time with our loved ones because our work has occupied too much of our time. This has led to misunderstanding and distance among family members.

Therefore, it is good to make a resolution, which will make your loved ones the priority of life to improve the relationship like it used to be. If we can take better care of those valuable people, we can find peace and have more happiness.

Find meaning in life

Prem Rawat is a promoter of meaning in life through inner peace. In fact, without a peaceful mind and a joyful heart, we will lead a frustrating, unhappy life. How to find bliss in life? To find satisfaction, most people engage in earthly pleasures and indulge in delicious food as well as other material things. Yet, these can ensure neither long-lasting glee nor sustainable inner peacefulness.

Thus, it is an essential resolution to find meaning in life and find the way to attain it. Indeed, God has not created Man without any purpose. Religions have different conceptions of the purpose of Man on earth. You can pray to God to guide you to find our true potential and our mission on earth.

Another method to discover the essence of life is also through the guidance of the Spirit of God in post-prayer meditations which are based on the words of God. There are many forms of meditation, such as "Knowledge" by the peace mediator, or "mindfulness meditation", which are totally different introspection methods. Each individual is free to choose which method suits them.

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